Diets for Dogs with Pancreatitis

The Pancreas in a Dog

Zip has had two bouts of pancreatitis, once, in an instance of worst-timing-possible, while I was away on a silent retreat with no phone or internet access.  He’s now 11 yrs old, and thriving, as near as anyone can tell, as he looks and moves like a much younger pug.  I manage his health with […]

Holiday Reminder Regarding Pets

I know this time of year, we’re all very busy, so I’m planning on keeping the blog posts short and relevant.  Be careful what you share with your dogs and cats from the holiday table. Whole, fresh ‘people’ foods are a great addition to the bowl, but a big piece of ham or turkey skin […]

Observation, pt. 2

So observation is valuable, but you have to learn to trust what you see, or you might not respond to the cues. Wednesday I left my dog, Zip, at home for the day. I rode my bike into work, via the farmer’s market…it’s a little more efficient (a lot more actually) solo. At times I’ve […]