The Puppy Diaries: Triumph!


FINALLY! Etta and I have made it through the front door. This is a huge triumph in her little life. Why has getting through the door such a big deal? When I first got Etta she was very shy and scared of nearly everything. She would not walk on a leash more than two or […]

Raw Bones

I went to a dental talk at a reputable neighboring vet’s office last fall.  It was actually a sales pitch for annual anesthetized dental cleanings.  I have a real  fondness for vets; I absolutely believe that they are drawn to their profession for love of healing animals.  But I disagree openly with the ones who […]

Something to be happy about in September

Many people say that September is their favorite month here, but few are anxious for the long cold months that follow, which is reasonable considering our winter usually starts in November and lasts until May. But dog owners on the coast can find something to be very happy about. The beaches will become open to […]