Raw Bones

I went to a dental talk at a reputable neighboring vet’s office last fall.  It was actually a sales pitch for annual anesthetized dental cleanings.  I have a real  fondness for vets; I absolutely believe that they are drawn to their profession for love of healing animals.  But I disagree openly with the ones who […]

Orijen for July

It’s been a while since the last post, partially because of a vacation but mostly due to my high tolerance for chaos.  I can turn down social events pretty easily but projects are irresistible.  Now that the dog wash is open and we’re closing in on the photo booth, and I’ve hired someone to manage […]

Raw Food Seminar Tonight

Are you all coming to our Bravo Raw Diet seminar tonight with Bette Schubert?  Of course you are.  It may be a spectacular day in Maine right now, but in any minute thunderstorms could blow in and there go your grilling plans.  So say this out loud with me right now, “I AM going to […]