Fruit Loops, 5 yr old male Boston Terrier
Fruit Loops the happy one-eyed Boston

Fruit Loops the happy one-eyed Boston

Fruit Loops is a 5 yr old Boston Terrier being fostered by some terrific customers of ours, but he needs to find a permanent home. He was picked up as a stray in Greenville TX, and was brought to foster care in Maine through Friends Of Homeless Animals Inc. His left eye has been removed, but Fruity doesn’t seem to mind! He is a goofy, happy, friendly, outgoing, and loves to go for walks, play with his toys and give lots of kisses. Loopers has so much personality that he has his own blog ….For more info, contact foster mom Hanna: or call (617)840-2577.

Samantha's Close Up
Samantha, 5 yr old chocolate lab

Sam, 5 yr old chocolate lab

This is Sam, who was dropped off at Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic to be euthanized by her owners for no apparent reason. Brackett Street wouldn’t do it, and instead their staff volunteered to help with donated services to make sure she’s healthy, and called Dogs Deserve Better to find her a home. What a great response by everyone at Brackett Street. Before I could even get my hand up to say I’d foster, Sam was already placed temporarily. So instead Fetch got to sponsor her food and a nutritional consultation with Dr. Kate Steinhacker. She still needs a permanent home. I’ve visited with her, and she’s sweet and playful, and a really beautiful dog. See her Petfinder profile here.

Tues. August 26th, 7 pm at Fetch

We’re excited to host Bravo Raw next week for a fun and informative seminar on feeding raw food to dogs and cats. Why Bravo? It’s impressive to me how this company demystifies feeding raw, and how they can afford to make consistently high quality, all-natural diets at affordable prices. I asked Bette Schubert, Bravo founder, how they do it, and she basically shrugged her shoulders and admitted that they keep a really low margin (which means great prices for the consumer, and that means more animals can benefit from raw feeding). Bette herself will be our guest, and this is a rare opportunity…she admits she almost never gives these seminars. She’s a wealth of information, so please don’t miss this chance to listen, learn and get your questions answered directly from the source. We’ll talk about how what’s in the Bravo Raw products (and what’s not), how digestion works in dogs and cats (and how it’s different from humans), how to handle and feed raw food, and why raw food is considered the healthiest for your dogs and cats….especially animals with food sensitivities, challenged immune systems, skin conditions, or allergic reactions of almost any kind. Bette will also be giving out generous coupons. This is definitely a seminar I wouldn’t want to miss. Check out Bravo’s website here.


We’ve got the biggest collar, harness & leash selection you’ll ever find in one store.   Based on very advanced mathematics, if you attached our collars end-to-end, you could wrap them around the Portland Headlight 6 times!  String all of our leashes together and make one ultra-long training lead, and you could walk your dog on Peak’s Island…from Portland harbor!

We’ve got martingale, clip and buckle collars in leather, webbing, ribbon & rubber; handmade with vintage materials, eco-friendly hemp, waterproof for no odor, reflective and light-up, rolled….1/4 inch to 2 inches wide, sized from Chihuahua to Mastiff.  Looking for traffic leashes, jogging leashes, toy leashes, handmade leather leashes, slip leads, reflective, stow-away or retractables?  No problem.

Have a puller?  We can outfit your dog with some of our favorite training tools to try out, so you can see which fits & performs the best:  Gentel Leaders, Easy Walk Harnesses, Sporn No-Pull Halters, Weiss Walkies, Freedom Harnesses.

Some of our brands:

  • Woofwerks
  • Paco Collars
  • Mountain Dog
  • Ruffwear
  • Up Country
  • Puppia
  • Bessie + Barnie
  • Mackenzie Collars
  • EarthDog
  • RC Pet
  • Preston
  • Dublin Dog
  • Mimi Green
  • NiteIze
  • Top Dog Leather
  • Premier
  • 2Hounds Design
  • Wiggles, Wags & Whiskers
  • Beastie Bands
  • Lupine
  • Bison Designs
  • Hunter Manufacturing
  • La Cinopeca
  • Mendota


We’re always scouting the shows for new gifts for animal lovers.  Our style runs toward the refreshing and hip, sometimes a little bit edgy just for fun.

You’ll find wearables like T-shirts & caps; stylish home accessories like throw pillows, photo frames, & mugs; educational and art books on all aspects of animals…training, health, psychology…as well as coffee table books, children’s books and guides on hiking with dogs….and of course gift certificates, for the person who’s really hard to buy for.

Need something special that we don’t have in stock? We’ll get it for you!



Well-designed, useful accessories really make your life easier.  We’re talking about everyday home life helpers like beds, crates, gates, ceramic and stainless bowls, elevated diners, furniture throws and blankets, scratchers, & climbers.

Training?  How about treat pouches, clickers, whistles, dumb bells and training tools like the Gentle Leader and the Easy Walk harness.

Traveling with your pet?  We’ve got ergonomic carriers, stainless steel water bottles, collapsible bowls….not to mention dehydrated and freeze-dried complete meals and treats.

New puppy?  We’ll help save your shoes, and your wallet, by guiding you to the gear that’s designed to stand up to puppy teeth.

Safety?  Lifejackets strong enough to hold your dog’s weight (plus water) in the event you have to scoop him or her to safety.

And let’s not forget coats, sweaters and booties…functional, useful fashion that performs well year after year.


Toys can be totally for fun, but they can also be purposeful items in your tool chest.  Every pet owner needs reliably engaging, durable toys to keep their pets entertained, stimulated, and focused.  Think about it; your dog or cat needs to play to relieve stress & lead a happy life, but also to expend energy, to socialize (especially dogs), and to interact in a structured way with their humans.  (See the playfully serious part?).

The number one request in our stores is, ‘Show me your most indestructible dog toy’.  Well, when it comes to squeaky toys, we’ll tell you that eventually your dog will win any battle with a soft-sided toy. But we do have toys that will put up a good long fight.  Less ambitious chewers can ‘chewse’ from soft toys that squeak, squawk, grunt, gurgle, crow, howl, moo or ribbit.  Have a fetcher?  Try one of our many floatables in summer, or light up toys in winter.    Need to keep pups busy while you make dinner, or step out for work?  Try our food-dispensing toys and puzzles.

Whenever possible, we choose local and US toys for quality, uniqueness, durability and safety.


Natural, pragmatic nutrition is the soul of Fetch, the real reason behind what we do.  We don’t like to see animals suffer, and we know you suffer too when your pets are uncomfortable or sick (and we don’t like that either!).  Not all, but many, conditions can be dramatically changed when you change an animals food.

For the nearly 12 years we’ve been supplying natural pet foods, the incidence of pets with food allergies, sensitive digestion, chronic urinary tract problems, and diseases like irritable bowel, diabetes, pancreatitis, Addison’s, epilepsy/seizures, and cancer has grown exponentially.  Now it’s the norm rather than the exception.

We aren’t vets, and we’re careful to advise customers to go see their vet for any acute condition.  But if you are looking for good advice on what to feed, let us help you.  We recommend a rotation of at least 4 different high quality all-natural foods per year, changing at least once per season.  To help support (& remind!) customers to change diets regularly, we offer a different food every month at a special discount of 10% off.  Some of our brands:


  • Wellness
  • Evo
  • Weruva
  • BFF
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Merrick
  • California Natural
  • Canidae
  • Felidae
  • Petguard
  • Evangers
  • Pinnacle
  • Wysong
  • Solid Gold

  • Taste of the Wild
  • Wellness
  • Orijen
  • Acana
  • Evo
  • Weruva
  • BFFBlue Buffalo
  • California Natural
  • Canidae
  • Felidae
  • Petguard
  • Evangers
  • Pinnacle
  • Wysong
  • Solid Gold
  • Royal Canin
Raw & Freeze-Dried

  • Nature’s Variety
  • Bravo
  • Primal
  • Stella & Chewy’s
  • Tucker’s Bones


  • The Honest Kitchen

  • Wysong
  • Wholistic Pet
  • Solid Gold
  • Sea Jerky
  • Vermont Naturals
  • Naturvet
  • Zuke’s
  • Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil
  • Grizzly Salmon Oil
  • Prozyme
  • Earth Animal