The Puppy Diaries: What to do about the cat…


Ella is Etta’s older sibling. We adopted Ella from H.A.R.T about 3 years ago. When we brought Etta home Ella was curious but mainly wanted nothing to do with her. Today things remain much the same. Occasionally Ella will deem it acceptable to play with Etta, which results in crazy rumpus running from one end […]

The Puppy Diaries: Doggy Social!


For the last few weeks Etta and I have been heading to the local recreation area for some play time with other dogs (and chit chat time with their owners for me). As I am sure I have mentioned before, Etta is shy with people but she LOVES other dogs. When she is around her […]

The Puppy Diaries: What is she?


Part of adopting a rescue dog is that most of the time you never really know what you are getting. Rescue groups generally post a description of the dog and breed but most times this is just their best guess. When we were looking for a dog we knew we wanted a hound but we […]

The Puppy Diaries: Bringing Puppy Home.


  Getting ready to bring Etta home was painfully exciting but also  full of unknowns and second guesses; would she like the treats I already got for her, what toy would be best, what size crate will she need? There were lots of questions indeed! In order to be fully prepared I did a lot […]

The Puppy Diaries: Etta’s Adoption Process


Happy Saturday everyone! We have had Etta with us now for a little over a month. It is crazy how it feels like she has been a part of our family forever and still feels brand new at the same time. Getting a dog was something we have wanted for a long time. We knew […]

Diets for Dogs with Pancreatitis

The Pancreas in a Dog

Zip has had two bouts of pancreatitis, once, in an instance of worst-timing-possible, while I was away on a silent retreat with no phone or internet access.  He’s now 11 yrs old, and thriving, as near as anyone can tell, as he looks and moves like a much younger pug.  I manage his health with […]

Water Runs, Even in the Arctic

Glacial Waterfall Courtesy of Some Terrific Nature Blog

Yes apparently this photo is possible.  Even in arctic conditions, water can move.  We found this to be true this morning at Fetch.  Apparently, the glacier upstairs (in one of the vacant floors above) started to melt.  And water, we can confirm, does run downhill still.  While the store did not exhibit the magnificence of […]

Aloha Melissa

Melissa's Going Away Dinner

You know, this intermission has not been all work and no play.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy seeing some of the lovely Fetch crew in their downtime.  Against our will, we were forced to bid ‘Aloha’ (which you must know means hello & goodbye, so we expect to see her again) to our dear Melissa.  We forgive […]

My Neglected Blog

Kind of like how for no good reason I’ve been avoiding the multivitamin jar, I’ve fallen off my blog.  Taking on the launch, of a new brand as well as new store (Fish & Bone, at 217 Newbury Street, opening this summer),  in the continuum of challenges has felt somewhere between advanced placement tightrope-walking school […]

LA and San Fran

I’ve been radio silent on this trip to LA & San Francisco b/c there is so much to do.  And I try to keep the posts content-driven.  But sometimes you just want to chat, right?  I know.  Well, here you go. Arrived last week on a retail vision quest.  How do retailers solve problems of […]