Nature’s Variety, Featured Food for March

I like that their founders come from a family of farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. Fetch incidentally is a MOFGA member, not only because local organic farms produce better tasting, more nutritious food and reinforce our local economy, or because organic farming is better for the health of people, animals and planet, but because life for […]

Raw Food Seminar Tonight

Are you all coming to our Bravo Raw Diet seminar tonight with Bette Schubert?  Of course you are.  It may be a spectacular day in Maine right now, but in any minute thunderstorms could blow in and there go your grilling plans.  So say this out loud with me right now, “I AM going to […]

2 Freezers are Better than 1

After 7 years of selling frozen raw food, we’re finally getting a second freezer. Seems it’s a little-known fact that we have a freezer at all. Maybe it’s because it’s a solid door model, cleverly hidden against the back wall of the store. At Fetch, we like to make shopping fun and that means sometimes […]

Bravo Raw Comes to Fetch

Tues. August 26th, 7 pm at Fetch We’re excited to host Bravo Raw next week for a fun and informative seminar on feeding raw food to dogs and cats. Why Bravo? It’s impressive to me how this company demystifies feeding raw, and how they can afford to make consistently high quality, all-natural diets at affordable […]