Looking for a Holistic Vet

You may not realize, if you live in Southern Maine, how fortunate we are in the veterinary dept.  I thought I was in tune with that, but just now understand that I took our resources for granted.  I assumed that in coming to Boston, it would be easy to find established holistic veterinarians that I […]

1st Prize, Maxi and Calvin’s Big Dreams


Elizabeth Fraser submitted her $4M Idea through the eyes and dreams of her dogs Maxi and Calvin.  I love the creativity, the pace, the humor and the sweetness of it.  I tried to upload it, but seems WordPress won’t take it, so here it is viewable on YouTube.

If I had $4 Million Dollars….

I’ve been kind of mystified lately imagining how it could be that my little indie business Fetch could be confused with the venture capital-backed corporation down the road.  It’s all about the name.  Their name is similar to Fetch, but with another word tacked on the end.  They are also in the pet industry, and […]


We’re going to celebrate our 9th anniversary this spring with a splash.  We at Fetch have finally seen the bubbles, oops I mean, the light.  We’ve heard you asking over the years for a place in town to wash your dogs and frankly have always wanted to do it, but couldn’t figure out where we’d […]

Portland’s Diverse Businesses

If you are on this site, you probably already know about Portland Buy Local.  Did you know you can log on and identify locally-owned, independent businesses?  Christmas shopping is so much more fun when you’re in the Old Port v. the Mall, or in any neighborhood of Portland v. the Mall.  You can feel good […]