Pet Food of the Month for September

My cats are a little bit sensitive.   They have always had a clean & healthy diet, so I’m assuming their food sensitivities are hereditary.  I have been feeding Wellness grain-free cans most often in the last 5 years (Clara can’t tolerate dry, as she’s very prone to uti’s), with either Prozyme, Wysong’s All Life, or […]

1st Prize, Maxi and Calvin’s Big Dreams


Elizabeth Fraser submitted her $4M Idea through the eyes and dreams of her dogs Maxi and Calvin.  I love the creativity, the pace, the humor and the sweetness of it.  I tried to upload it, but seems WordPress won’t take it, so here it is viewable on YouTube.


I love Canidae.  I’ve been recommending it for years, not only for price, but for a high quality kibble, you can’t beat the value.  Chelated minerals, essential fatty acids, and probiotics/digestive enzymes augment the high quality base diet.  I still ask them how they can afford to make such a good food and keep prices […]

Nature’s Variety, Featured Food for March

I like that their founders come from a family of farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. Fetch incidentally is a MOFGA member, not only because local organic farms produce better tasting, more nutritious food and reinforce our local economy, or because organic farming is better for the health of people, animals and planet, but because life for […]

Anyone need ANOTHER reason not to buy cheap brands of pet treats/foods?

Just read the most recent FDA recalls re peanut butter and pet food.  The only places I think you’d find these brands would be superdiscounters or stores like Wal-Mart, or sorry folks, Petsmart.  You can check the list of recalled pet foods on FDA’s site (there’s no kibble, just chews and biscuits).  Here’s a link […]

Wysong-Nestle Patent Battle

According to Wysong, Wysong and Nestle are suing eachother over the right to use a manufacturing process that Wysong invented and has been using since the early 1980’s.  Wysong didn’t patent the process b/c patenting is a very costly process, and they couldn’t afford it.  Nestle acquired a patent in 1999, and is now trying […]