Good Brushing Videos

A customer wrote after our last newsletter that the link to the brushing video (how to brush your dog’s teeth) was kind of long and not very strong on technique.  I can see he’s right.  So I’m looking for better ones.  If you have any suggestions, please comment below or email me. I happened to […]

Food of the Month, January…

Wellness has some strong products in its line of natural dog and cat foods.  My sense, from 4-footed customer ‘feedback’ is that the palatability is best in their canned foods, and their dry cat kibble.  They just seem to hit it square on in those areas, while the dry kibble for dogs has had just […]

The Rabies Challenge Fund

One of the excellent talks I had the opportunity to take in at the Integrative Health Pet Expo recently was by the brilliant, and very entertaining, Jean Dodds DVM.  She’s a pretty famous and prolific vet and hematologist, pathologist and immunologist.  Can you imagine a better background for investigating vaccines and their relationship to disease?  […]

Integrative Pet Health Expo

Sorry for the months of spotty blogging!  Just saw ‘Julie & Julia’, a bummer for Julia Child fans but a kind of a cattle prod for bloggers of any kind.  Not that I think anyone has missed reading my blog or has written in demanding an explanation, but I will tell you anyway that this […]

Solid Gold, our Featured Food for May

Solid Gold has, along with Wysong, been a pioneering manufacturer in the natural pet food industry. Both Dr. Randy Wysong and Solid Gold Founder Sissy Harrington-McGill were dismissed early on as radicals, but now, 30 yrs later, they’re credited with shaping the industry. Sissy is known in the pet food world for her strong opinions, […]


I love Canidae.  I’ve been recommending it for years, not only for price, but for a high quality kibble, you can’t beat the value.  Chelated minerals, essential fatty acids, and probiotics/digestive enzymes augment the high quality base diet.  I still ask them how they can afford to make such a good food and keep prices […]

Nature’s Variety, Featured Food for March

I like that their founders come from a family of farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. Fetch incidentally is a MOFGA member, not only because local organic farms produce better tasting, more nutritious food and reinforce our local economy, or because organic farming is better for the health of people, animals and planet, but because life for […]

Revisiting Wysong, ‘The Thinking Person’s Pet Food’

They’ve been at it for 30  years, and you could actually say they are cutting edge.  You wouldn’t think so by the looks of their packaging (though it’s improved over the old brown cardboard boxes), but Wysong consistently pushes the envelope with pretty strong statements about what causes disease, and what supports wellness in animals.  […]


I love the sentiment that makes people want to bake for their dogs, and I am approached often by aspiring dog biscuit bakers, dear well-meaning people whom I usually manage to deflate when I tell them that there are so many treats on the market that to make a go of it, you’d need more […]

On the Value of Observation

I am biased. I’ve admitted this many times in the store, but in case you’ve never heard me say it, there it is. Almost all of my recommendations come from a natural-first, holistic point of view, at least to the extent my the reach of my experience attains a holistic point of view. From that […]