Flea & Tick Defense Requires Multiple Lines of Defense

Itchy Dog

Well there’s one good thing about the New England cold spring seasons, and it’s that bugs lay dormant that much longer.  As soon as the temperatures climb, it’s time to figure out your plan for flea and tick prevention.  All dog owners should be thinking about heartworm prevention too.  Heartworm preventative works retroactively remember; it […]

Send your Sheddings to the Gulf to Mop up the Spill

Aren’t you glad your dog sheds?  For once, you can be.  Yes the clumps of fur collecting in the corner of the living room has a purpose!  Seriously.  Send it to Matter of Trust and they will put it in the hands of those cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf.

Good Brushing Videos

A customer wrote after our last newsletter that the link to the brushing video (how to brush your dog’s teeth) was kind of long and not very strong on technique.  I can see he’s right.  So I’m looking for better ones.  If you have any suggestions, please comment below or email me. I happened to […]


We’re going to celebrate our 9th anniversary this spring with a splash.  We at Fetch have finally seen the bubbles, oops I mean, the light.  We’ve heard you asking over the years for a place in town to wash your dogs and frankly have always wanted to do it, but couldn’t figure out where we’d […]