A foggy April Stool’s Day

The weather was on our side today, or at least it wasn’t on the other side.  Our merry band of scoopers spread out over the Eastern Prom and hauled away 8 big bags of trash and poop, accompanied by the sound of fog horns and geese (‘harsh and exciting’ I couldn’t help thinking…it is National […]

April Stool’s Day

17 years ago, intrepid citizen dog owner and Friends of the Eastern Promenade founder Diane Davison started tacking up flyers asking for neighbors on the Eastern Prom to come out in force to clean up the winter of unscooped dog poop.  I was so moved by the mission and charmed by the sense of humor […]

Good Dirty Fun


For the last 10 yrs I’ve worked with friend and Hill dog owner Diane Davison on that quirky ritual of spring, April Stool’s Day.   ASD was her response, 17 yrs ago, to sidewalk poop, a holler out to the community to come out as a group and clean up the neighborhood including the grassy area […]