Good News for East End Dogs

I will never run for office.  I’m committee-averse.  Besides old friends from high school and college would be delighted to share stories of, well, don’t they call it ‘boundary exploration’ when they talk about kids?   But I’m growing in appreciation for small government that listens and makes good policy decisions.  Yesterday at a conference called […]

Possible Off-Leash Ordinance Change on East End

A new Portland dog group is forming on the East End, EED (pronounced just plain ‘ED’), for East End Dogs. EED is hosting an informational session on the potential ordinance change this Thursday, April 22nd, from 7-8 at the East End School cafeteria.  Anyone with a dog should definately attend….the details of the proposed change […]

Missing that Rocky Coast


On living in the South End of Boston:  friendly dog parks, one officially-sanctioned (with excellent gates & hardscape) and another unofficial but more spacious; the lovely Polka Dog Bakery up the street; Chinese grocery store the size of Shaws in So Po; dogs welcome in even some of the big stores on Boylston Street, and […]

Willard Beach Dog Use Preserved!

HUGE thanks go out to Crystal Goodrich and everyone with SoPo Dog and ShareWillard who worked so hard , and so effectively, on bringing out the vote against the proposed ordinance that sought to eliminate dog walking from April 15 to October 15, and off-leash use year-round, on Willard Beach in South Portland.  The ordinance […]

2nd Prize Winner


Dave Harford submitted this terrific entry that was only just edged out by the First-Prize winning video:

A foggy April Stool’s Day

The weather was on our side today, or at least it wasn’t on the other side.  Our merry band of scoopers spread out over the Eastern Prom and hauled away 8 big bags of trash and poop, accompanied by the sound of fog horns and geese (‘harsh and exciting’ I couldn’t help thinking…it is National […]

April Stool’s Day

17 years ago, intrepid citizen dog owner and Friends of the Eastern Promenade founder Diane Davison started tacking up flyers asking for neighbors on the Eastern Prom to come out in force to clean up the winter of unscooped dog poop.  I was so moved by the mission and charmed by the sense of humor […]

Good Dirty Fun


For the last 10 yrs I’ve worked with friend and Hill dog owner Diane Davison on that quirky ritual of spring, April Stool’s Day.   ASD was her response, 17 yrs ago, to sidewalk poop, a holler out to the community to come out as a group and clean up the neighborhood including the grassy area […]

Something to be happy about in September

Many people say that September is their favorite month here, but few are anxious for the long cold months that follow, which is reasonable considering our winter usually starts in November and lasts until May. But dog owners on the coast can find something to be very happy about. The beaches will become open to […]