Fetch Gets A Brand New Look


  Seeing as April is Fetch’s 13th anniversary, we thought the end of March would be the perfect time to close for a week,remodel, and re-open with gleaming floors & freshly painted walls.  When we reopen, we’ll not only be looking spiffier, we’ll also be called ‘The Fish & Bone‘ (which is our trademarked name).  […]

The Florence Chronicles

Florence is a ridiculously picky and ‘outspoken’ cat who belongs to our customer Evalin.  We’ve all brainstormed new cat food ideas for this 10 lb diva at one time or another.  For about the last 9 months though, Florence has been happy eating exclusively Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit in the can.  Last week, Florence came […]

Going Electric

Zip doesn’t want to get out of bed.  He’s demo-ing one of our new heated pet beds, low-wattage, totally safe (K&H has been making these for a long time), and this particular bed also has one of his favorite features, a bolster to prop up that sizable noggin.  Check them out on K&H’s website.  We’ve […]