Food of the Month, January…

Wellness has some strong products in its line of natural dog and cat foods.  My sense, from 4-footed customer ‘feedback’ is that the palatability is best in their canned foods, and their dry cat kibble.  They just seem to hit it square on in those areas, while the dry kibble for dogs has had just […]

California Natural, Food of the Month for December

California Natural, “Nutrition Pure & Simple”.   Don’t you like the sound of that, especially after Thanksgiving?  And with the  lovely but chaotic  festive season upon us, doesn’t simplifying sound good to you?  One protein (lamb, chicken or  herring) and generally one carbohydrate (rice, though the Herring formulas contain sweet potato, barley and oatmeal) makes […]

Pet Food of the Month for September

My cats are a little bit sensitive.   They have always had a clean & healthy diet, so I’m assuming their food sensitivities are hereditary.  I have been feeding Wellness grain-free cans most often in the last 5 years (Clara can’t tolerate dry, as she’s very prone to uti’s), with either Prozyme, Wysong’s All Life, or […]

Orijen for July

It’s been a while since the last post, partially because of a vacation but mostly due to my high tolerance for chaos.  I can turn down social events pretty easily but projects are irresistible.  Now that the dog wash is open and we’re closing in on the photo booth, and I’ve hired someone to manage […]

Solid Gold, our Featured Food for May

Solid Gold has, along with Wysong, been a pioneering manufacturer in the natural pet food industry. Both Dr. Randy Wysong and Solid Gold Founder Sissy Harrington-McGill were dismissed early on as radicals, but now, 30 yrs later, they’re credited with shaping the industry. Sissy is known in the pet food world for her strong opinions, […]


I love Canidae.  I’ve been recommending it for years, not only for price, but for a high quality kibble, you can’t beat the value.  Chelated minerals, essential fatty acids, and probiotics/digestive enzymes augment the high quality base diet.  I still ask them how they can afford to make such a good food and keep prices […]

Kitten Season & Cat Food Shortage at ARL

Carl, Your new Personal Assistant?

I don’t know how caretakers at the shelters do what they do.  Right now there’s an unprecedented need for food & space to house surrendered animals, especially cats.  And as Anne at the Animal Refuge League reminded me the other day, it’s kitten season, so the squeeze will only get worse.  Sometimes at Fetch we’re […]

Yes we have no amylase

Cats have no amylase in their saliva.  I just found that out.  We all know (don’t we?) that cats were the guardians of the granaries, and had no appetite for grains.  Though they did/do like mice, who like grain.  A beautiful solution.  So it makes sense that they have no amylase, which is the enzyme […]

Nature’s Variety, Featured Food for March

I like that their founders come from a family of farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. Fetch incidentally is a MOFGA member, not only because local organic farms produce better tasting, more nutritious food and reinforce our local economy, or because organic farming is better for the health of people, animals and planet, but because life for […]

The Florence Chronicles

Florence is a ridiculously picky and ‘outspoken’ cat who belongs to our customer Evalin.  We’ve all brainstormed new cat food ideas for this 10 lb diva at one time or another.  For about the last 9 months though, Florence has been happy eating exclusively Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit in the can.  Last week, Florence came […]