Fetch Gets A Brand New Look


  Seeing as April is Fetch’s 13th anniversary, we thought the end of March would be the perfect time to close for a week,remodel, and re-open with gleaming floors & freshly painted walls.  When we reopen, we’ll not only be looking spiffier, we’ll also be called ‘The Fish & Bone‘ (which is our trademarked name).  […]

Scout & Lu

I just found that my next door neighbors, Justin and Sarah and their Bostons Scout and Lulu, make dog bandanas right out of their apartment here in the South End.  Another sign of landing in the right place.  I’m looking forward to bringing their well-made reversible bandanas in cool patterns to Portland on my next […]

Separated at Birth?

Norman & Zip

Here in our Boston HQ, a studio apt on Shawmut Ave in the South End, we have two dog parks within a 5 minute walk.  Peter’s Park is city-sanctioned and the other one, Franklin Square, is kind of unofficial.  This morning’s stroll took us to Peter’s Park, where we met Norman, a very tall & […]

Finding the Right Place

Boston isn’t without dog stores. There’s Pawsh in Back Bay, Polka Dog in South End (my favorite-it’s fun to have the tables turned…now we’re the local customer, and Zip pulls me toward their front door) and JP, Bark Place in South End; Brookline Grooming and Paws for A Cause in Brookline, and so on. But […]