Dolphin Rescue

This story caught my ear last night on NPR so thought I’d blog it here.  In looking it up on the web just now I was surprised to read that there’s a little controversy following the rescue.  To me, it’s a simple story of compassion.  Townspeople in Newfoundland heard the cries of dolphins trapped in […]

If I had $4 Million Dollars….

I’ve been kind of mystified lately imagining how it could be that my little indie business Fetch could be confused with the venture capital-backed corporation down the road.  It’s all about the name.  Their name is similar to Fetch, but with another word tacked on the end.  They are also in the pet industry, and […]

Service & Assistance Animals

Did you happen to read this article on service animals in Jan. 4th’s New York Times Magazine?  The photo of the service mini-horse aiding a blind woman in the checkout line at Staples implies much of the story all by itself.  Service parrot?  Service monkey?  Service DUCK?  The horse, the parrot and the monkey all […]