Cleaning Up After the Dog

Here’s a poem for you that was emailed to me by Berry Manter.  Thanks Berry.  I just love this.  Perfect to set the tone for April Stool’s Day (this Saturday, April Turd of course, see poster for details). Cleaning up after the Dog by Jason Tandon Pull plastic bag from pocket and wave it like […]

Leviathans Reading Leviticus?

Philip Hoare has an obsession with whales.  Thankfully he’s a writer, which means he has a depository for all the information he’s accumulated over years of research and hundreds of whale watches.  He was interviewed recently in The Globe Ideas about his new book, “The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea”.  A […]

Animals in Disaster, WSPA Blog on Haiti

A while ago I posted a note on Facebook & Twitter about where to send donations to help the animals in Port au Prince, but just realized I didn’t blog it.  Devastation on this scale unites us, which is good.  I’m circumspect when it comes to how to respond however.  Not when it comes to […]

Willard Beach Dog Use Preserved!

HUGE thanks go out to Crystal Goodrich and everyone with SoPo Dog and ShareWillard who worked so hard , and so effectively, on bringing out the vote against the proposed ordinance that sought to eliminate dog walking from April 15 to October 15, and off-leash use year-round, on Willard Beach in South Portland.  The ordinance […]

Sam Price and his Amazing Dog Collages

I received an email from an artist in SF the other day.  I get lots of emails from people who’ve designed pet products or want to launch a treat company, and also, but much less often, from artists who do pet portraits.  I wish I received more of them.  Especially if they could all be […]

Max and Clarabelle

Maximumly Affectionate

This move to Boston means much back and forth, and uncertainty where home will be.  I’ve had to let go of my Portland apartment and until I get financing for the new business, I’m floating.  Short-term, I’ll be with family in Dover, who’ve offered to put me up but can’t have cats (asthma and cat […]

1st Prize, Maxi and Calvin’s Big Dreams


Elizabeth Fraser submitted her $4M Idea through the eyes and dreams of her dogs Maxi and Calvin.  I love the creativity, the pace, the humor and the sweetness of it.  I tried to upload it, but seems WordPress won’t take it, so here it is viewable on YouTube.

Kitten Season & Cat Food Shortage at ARL

Carl, Your new Personal Assistant?

I don’t know how caretakers at the shelters do what they do.  Right now there’s an unprecedented need for food & space to house surrendered animals, especially cats.  And as Anne at the Animal Refuge League reminded me the other day, it’s kitten season, so the squeeze will only get worse.  Sometimes at Fetch we’re […]

Meet JoJo

JoJo, Secret Admirer!

I’m going to start blogging about an animal every day or so from Animal Refuge League’s site.  Just in case you can’t go there yourself, which of course, you can, but maybe it’s too much to see all of them at once.  I was just reading their new monthly newsletter, and clicked through to check […]

Proposed Ban on Canned Hunting

Just heard from ME Friends of Animals that there’s a hearing on “An Act To Ban the Hunting of Animals in Enclosed Areas” in Augusta at 9:30 am on March 4.  Should canned hunting be part of the long heritage of hunting in Maine?  Of course not.  It’s cowardly and cruel. They’re asking for immediate […]