The Puppy Diaries: Recalling Recall.


Oh sure, it is a cute face now… But it is not cute when she takes off at the park and refuses to listen as you call in vain! As I mentioned before I have been taking Etta to the park for some off leash dog group play time, every Sunday. For the first few […]

The Puppy Diaries: Triumph!


FINALLY! Etta and I have made it through the front door. This is a huge triumph in her little life. Why has getting through the door such a big deal? When I first got Etta she was very shy and scared of nearly everything. She would not walk on a leash more than two or […]

The Puppy Diaries: Etta and the Chickens


Etta is not the only critter we have around here. Aside from the cat, we also have 8 chickens; Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, Partridge Rocks and a Golden Comet (in case you were curious). We got Etta as soon as we moved into this house and the chickens came very shortly after. Before we had […]

The Puppy Diaries: The 6 month mark!


  Chowing down on a delicious trachea! Last week Etta celebrated her half birthday! She is now 6 months old. I thought I would review some of the achievements and most trying moments from the last few months. The Bad: – Etta having Giardia when we got her. It is very common in the south […]

The Puppy Diaries: Feeding Time!

Hello Again! This week is all about food. Etta has been settling in well and we are working on fine tuning her diet. Since bringing her home we have come to learn that she can be quite discerning in her tastes so we have had to up the anti on training treats, to keep her […]

The Puppy Diaries


Welcome the inaugural edition of the Puppy Diaries! In this series I will be writing all about the ins and outs of adopting a puppy. My goal is to share our learning process with you, talk about the how we went about adopting a rescue pup and share any tips we learn along the way. […]

Pottenger’s Cats

To Cook or Not to Cook?

I’m a fan of Timothy Ferriss.    He’s a radical self-experimenter with a sense of humor and a basher of popular assumptions.  Some people can’t stand the guy but I think they must just be envious; who wouldn’t be?  Regardless I wouldn’t have expected to come across Pottenger‘s cat study in his new book. Pottenger studied […]

What Touch Does

I’m still reading Dr. Michael W. Fox’s Dog Body, Dog Mind.  It’s smart and sensitive, and I think it might have a really profound impact on your relationship with your dog.  I just read about touch & the impact of grooming, petting etc.  The heart rate goes way down (for the pet-ter too… I wish […]

The 5 Freedoms

When it comes to the animals in our lives, what’s the best way to show the love?  Owning two retail stores for dogs and cats, I could say (and given the impact the weather has had on sales, I probably should say) you really need to spend some money.  I’m always concerned with Zip’s happiness, […]

Good News for East End Dogs

I will never run for office.  I’m committee-averse.  Besides old friends from high school and college would be delighted to share stories of, well, don’t they call it ‘boundary exploration’ when they talk about kids?   But I’m growing in appreciation for small government that listens and makes good policy decisions.  Yesterday at a conference called […]