Looking for a Holistic Vet

You may not realize, if you live in Southern Maine, how fortunate we are in the veterinary dept.  I thought I was in tune with that, but just now understand that I took our resources for granted.  I assumed that in coming to Boston, it would be easy to find established holistic veterinarians that I […]

Old Mother Hubbard Goes to Hollywood

There’s a story on the front page of the The Globe today on the growth of natural pet foods since 2005.  It’s essentially a story on Wellness, who launched a new marketing campaign at this year’s Golden Globes with an opening party at an LA venue called the Buddha Bark Celebrity and Canine Lounge.  That’s […]

Food of the Month, January…

Wellness has some strong products in its line of natural dog and cat foods.  My sense, from 4-footed customer ‘feedback’ is that the palatability is best in their canned foods, and their dry cat kibble.  They just seem to hit it square on in those areas, while the dry kibble for dogs has had just […]

Further Wysong Recalls

Wysong has a few more batch numbers (located on the top flap of the Wysong box, or on the bottom seal of a bag) on their recall list, as of today: MaintenanceT (lot#090817) SeniorT (lot#090811) SynorgonT (lot#090629) Wysong is currently taking any Wysong product back, no questions asked, in an effort to earn back any […]

Wysong Mold Recall

I’m really sorry for the lateness of this, but I only just received notice from our Wysong distributor about a very limited recall.  While they say they’ve let retailers know, they didn’t contact us.  I will make sure that we’re on their contact list for all future email updates. If you have any of the […]

Pet Food of the Month for September

My cats are a little bit sensitive.   They have always had a clean & healthy diet, so I’m assuming their food sensitivities are hereditary.  I have been feeding Wellness grain-free cans most often in the last 5 years (Clara can’t tolerate dry, as she’s very prone to uti’s), with either Prozyme, Wysong’s All Life, or […]

Integrative Pet Health Expo

Sorry for the months of spotty blogging!  Just saw ‘Julie & Julia’, a bummer for Julia Child fans but a kind of a cattle prod for bloggers of any kind.  Not that I think anyone has missed reading my blog or has written in demanding an explanation, but I will tell you anyway that this […]

Solid Gold, our Featured Food for May

Solid Gold has, along with Wysong, been a pioneering manufacturer in the natural pet food industry. Both Dr. Randy Wysong and Solid Gold Founder Sissy Harrington-McGill were dismissed early on as radicals, but now, 30 yrs later, they’re credited with shaping the industry. Sissy is known in the pet food world for her strong opinions, […]

1st Prize, Maxi and Calvin’s Big Dreams


Elizabeth Fraser submitted her $4M Idea through the eyes and dreams of her dogs Maxi and Calvin.  I love the creativity, the pace, the humor and the sweetness of it.  I tried to upload it, but seems WordPress won’t take it, so here it is viewable on YouTube.


I love Canidae.  I’ve been recommending it for years, not only for price, but for a high quality kibble, you can’t beat the value.  Chelated minerals, essential fatty acids, and probiotics/digestive enzymes augment the high quality base diet.  I still ask them how they can afford to make such a good food and keep prices […]