The Puppy Diaries: Doggy Social!


For the last few weeks Etta and I have been heading to the local recreation area for some play time with other dogs (and chit chat time with their owners for me). As I am sure I have mentioned before, Etta is shy with people but she LOVES other dogs. When she is around her […]

The Puppy Diaries: They sure are cute but that doesn’t stop them from getting worms!


Etta and Capone holding down the fort at Fetch This past week has been a trying one; aside from general teenage dog angst, Etta managed to pick up tape worms! Generally this happens when a dog or cat ingests an infected flea, eats rodents, lizards or even rabbit excrement. Etta does not have fleas and […]

The Puppy Diaries: The 6 month mark!


  Chowing down on a delicious trachea! Last week Etta celebrated her half birthday! She is now 6 months old. I thought I would review some of the achievements and most trying moments from the last few months. The Bad: – Etta having Giardia when we got her. It is very common in the south […]

The Puppy Diaries: Etta has her 15 minutes of fame!


Check out Etta getting her moment to shine as we talk about raw food in this recent News story that aired on WGME. Click the link under the pic to watch the whole story! WGME on Raw Food    

The Puppy Diaries: What is she?


Part of adopting a rescue dog is that most of the time you never really know what you are getting. Rescue groups generally post a description of the dog and breed but most times this is just their best guess. When we were looking for a dog we knew we wanted a hound but we […]

The Puppy Diaries: Bringing Puppy Home.


  Getting ready to bring Etta home was painfully exciting but also ¬†full of unknowns and second guesses; would she like the treats I already got for her, what toy would be best, what size crate will she need? There were lots of questions indeed! In order to be fully prepared I did a lot […]