About Us


We’re The Fish & Bone, formerly known as Fetch.  No, we didn’t sell out!  We’re still the same local, independent pet supply store under the same ownership, but we’re now using our trademarked name so we can continue to improve our service and products, and stay independent.  And we’re still just as seriously playful.  Serious about supporting the health & happiness of our animals, and playful because, well why shouldn’t it be fun to shop for pet supplies? Animals are by nature playful creatures, and it’s one of the things we adore about them. Fetch first opened its doors on April Stool’s Day, 2000, in the East End of Portland, Maine.   In the early years, it was a common sight to see the Fetchmobile, an old white Saab with dalmation spots, rolling through town delivering dog food, or our mascot dog Scoop handing out poop bags in the park.  Since then we’ve moved to a bigger space on Commercial Street and launched a new store in Boston under the name Fish & Bone.  Throughout the years our mission has remained the same:  to improve the quality of life of animals and their people with healthy natural diets & other edibles, a great selection of gear, a depth of knowledge in a creative, and a spirit of good fun…and to support animal welfare, the arts and the environment along the way.