Nature’s Variety Recall, February 15 2013

Nature’s Variety has recalled a batch of Instinct Raw Frozen Organic Chicken Medallions and Patties because the batch has been found to contain small pieces of clear plastic, which could cause choking or injury. The company reports that no animals have been harmed from the recalled product. Because Nature’s Variety has moved quickly to respond to the consumer complaint & announce the recall, we believe this is likely going to be the beginning and end of the story; but we’ll definitely keep you posted if it isn’t.

We don’t currently carry the Organic Chicken formulas, so we don’t anticipate that you will have any of this recalled food in your freezer, but we want to keep you informed on all recalls. If you do have any of the recalled bags, you may return them to us regardless for a full refund. Please read the recall for details on where to find the ‘Best If Used By’ date.

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