Fetch Gets A Brand New Look


newsSeeing as April is Fetch’s 13th anniversary, we thought the end of March would be the perfect time to close for a week,remodel, and re-open with gleaming floors & freshly painted walls.  When we reopen, we’ll not only be looking spiffier, we’ll also be called ‘The Fish & Bone‘ (which is our trademarked name).  We’re also going to link our two stores computer-wise, so that our customers can redeem and earn rewards in either store, and we can easily transfer products from one store to the other, if one store is out but the other one isn’t, for instance.  We’ll be keeping the Fetch name alive though…watch for it on a line of local treats and maybe some other fun things.

Fetch, soon-to-be-known as the Portland Fish & Bone, will be closed for remodeling from March 18-25.

So please dear Portland customers, provision your furry family before then!  And please get your food orders in to us by noon this Monday, March 10th, for pickup by March 17 (or wait till we reopen on March 25).  We do apologize for any inconvenience! Andwe hope to see you the week we reopen!

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Loves: animals, her dog Zip, the rocky Maine coast, creative independent small business, good healthy food, spending time getting outside with pals, films set in France.