Win a Pot o’ Gold and Help the Animal Refuge League

We’re running a contest, and for a buck (all of which goes to the Animal Refuge League), you can enter to win a pot of gold!

Yes, gold. Well, what gold is to some dogs that is.

Our pot o’gold is a bucket of brand-new, dog-friendly, fuzzy, bouncy tennis balls. And we’re giving one away in each of our two stores (Fetch and the Fish & Bone in Boston). All you need to do is stop by either store anytime during the month of March 2012 and buy a chance (each chance costs $1) to guess how many there are in this bucket (pictured) of tennis balls. Easy you say? Well we tried to figure it out in advance by computing the volume of the bucket, and dividing by the volume of a tennis ball, and even though we’ve got all the dimensions we weren’t even close.

So guess away! Buy as many guesses as you like, $1 a piece. Every dime of the proceeds go to a local animal shelter or animal care fund. Every dime from the contest at Fetch goes to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Multiple correct guessers will be put in a random drawing, with one winner drawn for each store at the end. The winner gets all the tennis balls in the pot. Anyone is welcome to buy a guess, other than employees of Fish & Bone or Fetch and their families. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

About Kathy Palmer

Loves: animals, her dog Zip, the rocky Maine coast, creative independent small business, good healthy food, spending time getting outside with pals, films set in France.