The Puppy Diaries

Welcome the inaugural edition of the Puppy Diaries! In this series I will be writing all about the ins and outs of adopting a puppy. My goal is to share our learning process with you, talk about the how we went about adopting a rescue pup and share any tips we learn along the way.

I have been attempting to write this post for a few days now but, I have discovered that when you bring a puppy into your life, your time becomes about feeding, walking, napping, pooping, peeing and playing with little space left for quiet blogging time! Never the less, I have carved out a few moments while the pup is at home with her human dad, so without further a due, let me introduce you to Etta Mae:

Etta is a 4 month old Hound / Black Lab mix who hails originally from Tennessee. We found her on an online pet search and contacted her rescue to start the process. I will talk more in another post about the entire adoption process since it is quite involved (as it should be for such a big responsibility!) We have had her now for 10 days and she is doing remarkably well. Her foster home was in a rural area so she is very timid when we come into the Old Port. I am doing all I can to expose her to new situations, people and animals without taxing her too much. Having her behind the counter at Fetch has been great for her; she gets to meet all of our wonderful customers and their furry companions. She may not be ready to run up and accept treats and pets from everyone but she is coming along slowly but surely, so do make sure to say hi if you stop in.

Be sure to check back in. I will be talking about what I am feeding her, puppy class, her favorite treats and all the other fun stuff that comes along with adopting a little furry life.



About Fetch Portland

We’re a seriously playful pet supply store. Serious about supporting the health & happiness of our animals, and playful because, well why shouldn’t it be fun to shop for pet supplies? Animals are by nature playful creatures, and it’s one of the things we adore about them.

Since our opening in 2000, our mission has remained the same: to improve the quality of life of animals and their people with healthy natural diets & other edibles, a great selection of gear, a depth of knowledge in a creative, and a spirit of good fun…and to support animal welfare, the arts and the environment along the way.


  1. Etta is precious! Can’t wait to read more about your adoption process. That last picture is so adorable. Looks like she is a very happy pup! Congratulations on finding her.