The Puppy Diaries: What to do about the cat…

Ella is Etta’s older sibling. We adopted Ella from H.A.R.T about 3 years ago. When we brought Etta home Ella was curious but mainly wanted nothing to do with her. Today things remain much the same. Occasionally Ella will deem it acceptable to play with Etta, which results in crazy rumpus running from one end of the house to the other, but generally they keep their distance. I had hopes that they would be best buddies but I know these things take time. I think, from what I have seen so far, that they will continue to warm up to each other. Etta wants nothing more than to play with Ella 24/7. She does chase her occasionally but we have made sure that Ella has lots of places to escape to where the dog cannot harass her.

The one time when these two can be shoulder to shoulder and not care one bit is meal time! At meal time Ella meows her pretty little head off while Etta sits quietly. I have never met a cat that was more food motivated than Ella! In fact, “motivated” is too gentle a term. Ella DEMANDS her food. In the past Ella has had a tendency to get a little plump. We switched her to raw food over a year ago and up until recently she has maintained what our vet calls an “athlete’s physic”. While Ella moans and cajoles then scarfs her food down, Etta is more of a grazer. She has never been super food motivated and will wait quietly while I prepare her food. She likes to take a nibble, go play, then return for more food. Unfortunately Ella is quite the opportunist; she has been sneaking over and polishing off Etta’s food while she is distracted! I am happy that Etta does not guard her food but I am concerned about Ella putting on weight.

Right now Ella and Etta are both eating Stella & Chewy’s raw food. It is really nice to have them on the same diet. I don’t have to take up space storing separate foods and getting their meals ready is super simple and fast. The food its self is not the issue but rather, how to make sure the cat doesn’t inhale Etta’s food. For now, I have been moving Etta into the office for breakfast where I can close the door and make sure the cat stays out. This is less than ideal since the office is carpeted and Etta is not the most tidy eater. I have also tried feeding the cat on the dinner table, but this leads to her feeling like the dining room is her own sovereign domain. I think I will just have to get a place-mat and keep Etta secluded while she eats. It is a little extra work for me but in the end, it is better than having an overweight cat and all the health issues that can come along with that.

– Roxanne

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