The Puppy Diaries: The 6 month mark!


Chowing down on a delicious trachea!

Last week Etta celebrated her half birthday! She is now 6 months old.
I thought I would review some of the achievements and most trying moments from the last few months.

The Bad:
– Etta having Giardia when we got her. It is very common in the south and can be hard to detect with just one test. It was hard to watch her unable to keep food in. Thank goodness it is simple to deal with once detected.
– Vet Bills: this is part of owning a pet. Prevention is the best medicine and a good diet is key but when you adopt a rescue, vet check-ins are important.
– Etta itching like crazy all the time: It has stopped now, thank goodness! We think it was just the drastic change in her diet and environment.
– The worry: maybe it is just me being a little neurotic but I was worried about every little thing that might be wrong with her; if she coughed a little in the morning I was convinced it was heart failure, when she itched I was sure it was mange. I cannot imagine how new human moms must feel! things are much more stable and stress free now.
– Pee on the carpet: Etta rarely has an accident but when she does it is on the carpet. every time. ugh!
– Howling from the crate: this made my heart break. We took advice from a dear friend and moved the crate to our room. The howling stopped right away. Now she is down the hall in the family room at night and we never hear a peep.
– Destruction of property: somehow Etta only ever destroys my belongings. So far she has destroyed my favorite flip flops, a swimsuit, and a pair of my running shoes. This has taught me to keep her well stocked with bully sticks, scapula and the occasional hoof for chewing.
– Puberty: She has just reached this age and boy is she becoming stubborn! She has decided that coming when called is for the birds (really, even our chickens come when I call them) and has become very curious about our neighbors yard.

The Good:
– Having a warm, happy, smiling puppy saying hello every morning. What could be better?
– Walking off leash: We did this the other day at Twin Brooks Recreation Area in Cumberland. She behaved like a champ and loved all the new smells.
– Watching her play with other pups: Puppy play time is really hilarious to watch. She is so fast!
– Nap time: We love napping on the lawn in the afternoon together.
– Fitness: Etta encourages me to be out walking much more than I was, next we are going to start jogging together.
– Training: going to training class was as much for us as for Etta. It was a weekly reminder that training never stops. It is a constant process for the entire lifetime of the dog
– Company: I have a constant little friend. It is so nice to have my little buddy with me at work. I look over and she makes me smile.
– Coming out of her shell: Etta is still very shy in some circumstances and watching her cower on our walks in the old port is hard for me BUT she has made such huge progress from when she first came to us. We had some friends over for a BBQ last weekend and she was playing with them and soaking  up all the belly rubs.

And there we are at the half way point in her first year! She just keeps getting better and we are so happy we decided to bring her into our lives.


– Roxanne

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