What Touch Does

I’m still reading Dr. Michael W. Fox’s Dog Body, Dog Mind.  It’s smart and sensitive, and I think it might have a really profound impact on your relationship with your dog.  I just read about touch & the impact of grooming, petting etc.  The heart rate goes way down (for the pet-ter too… I wish I could remember the name of the guy who wrote about his Pomeranian’s role in his recovery from traumatic burns.  His doctor instructed him to stroke pet his dog for 20 minutes every day to speed healing).  Baby animals respond to stroking from the mother by secreting more digestive juices, which kicks in digestion and absorption; and without the nutrients and calories in food, the babies become sick and vulnerable to disease.  “Maternal deprivation, or lack of tender loving care, can therefore be detrimental to survival.” p. 56, Dog Body, Dog Mind.

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