Get a Raw Deal from Fetch

Every month at both stores (Portland and Boston, Fetch and Fish & Bone) we pick a brand of pet food to discount by 10%.  The idea is, encourage customers to experiment, or move what we have an overstock of, or just give a good deal because it’s fun.  Who doesn’t like a bargain?

This month we need to defrost one of the freezers at Fetch and we’re also bringing in Nature’s Variety to Fish & Bone, so all raw food is AT LEAST 10% off, all month.  Bigger discounts on full cases, and on some things we have a lot of, like Bravo Burgers & 1- and 2-pound chubs!

And we’ll be demystifying raw feeding this month: the benefits, the basics, routines that make raw feeding easier.  We’d like to hear from raw feeders out there.   Email us if you have experiences, tips or suggestions to share!

Where are the frites?

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Loves: animals, her dog Zip, the rocky Maine coast, creative independent small business, good healthy food, spending time getting outside with pals, films set in France.