There’s a new dog food out there called Proportions.  The idea is to customize a diet for your dog’s breed, age, and activity level.  I walked through the phone interview to get a sample for my dog Zip, but I found quickly that his grain allergy and pancreatitis tripped up their formulas.  There is only so much customizing it can do.  I ordered the sample anyway so I could review it.

I haven’t given it to Zip yet, because his diet is so good (ground raw vegetables or Honest Kitchen Preference as a base, then raw meat or Bravo raw diet, with Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility, Nupro Gold and Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil) that I know it will be a step down.  But it’s on the shelf for one of those days when I run out of our usual.

At its root I think it’s a concept food without a lot of substance.  The concept seems to be custom food for your individual dog, but it falls short.  You can’t choose a grain-free option for instance, or restricted fat.  It is essentially calorie-based:  you are sent a specific quantity of their stew-like food and a pre-measured amount of natural kibble (Wellness is one of the brands they offer for the kibble part-they don’t make their own), with combined calories appropriate for your dog.  So I’m not sure at this point what the difference between Proportions and say measuring your own Wellness and topping it with  canned stew?  Except that they send you a special box with your dog’s name on it.

Save the shipping, the oil to drive the trucks, and the extra cardboard and plastic.  Provide as healthy a diet as you can, and measure the portions.  Count treats as part of the combined intake (subtract it out of breakfast and dinner).  Put the money you save into better food and supplements.

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