Possible Off-Leash Ordinance Change on East End

A new Portland dog group is forming on the East End, EED (pronounced just plain ‘ED’), for East End Dogs. EED is hosting an informational session on the potential ordinance change this Thursday, April 22nd, from 7-8 at the East End School cafeteria.  Anyone with a dog should definately attend….the details of the proposed change will be presented by EED founder (and Friends of Eastern Prom head) Diane Davison.

Diane’s our April Stool’s Day co-conspirator, and asked me to come but I’ll be back in Boston trying to get the Boston store a few more inches toward reality.  I’m optimistic that the proposed change is a good compromise.  Thank you Diane for holding the torch for all of us in the meantime.  And anyone who can attend and join ‘ED’, thank you!  I hope to be at all future  meetings.

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  1. barbara feltes says:

    can’t you give us SOME idea of what this proposal is???

    • Hi Barbara….my sense is that we’re likely to see a loss, and a concession offered in return. We’d lose one area of off-leash, the Portland House lawn; and we’d gain off-leash access to the path above the paved East End Trail, beginning at the mid-level parking lot and heading toward the water treatment plant. Diane will be more specific. I’m sorry I can’t be at the meeting, but I hope as many people as possible can come.