Old Mother Hubbard Goes to Hollywood

There’s a story on the front page of the The Globe today on the growth of natural pet foods since 2005.  It’s essentially a story on Wellness, who launched a new marketing campaign at this year’s Golden Globes with an opening party at an LA venue called the Buddha Bark Celebrity and Canine Lounge.  That’s kind of flashy for the  company out of Tewksbury, MA, originally known as Old Mother Hubbard (now known as Wellpet, after a merger with Eagle).  One vet mentioned acknowledges the huge amount of media behind natural foods and is reticent in endorsing any benefit of feeding premium diets, saying “only time will tell”.  To some extent she is right, but I would rather wait and watch for benefits of a healthy diet, than wait and watch for negative effects of a unhealthy diet. What is interesting is, why are people switching (now) to premium foods?  There is the China melamine tragedy, but that was going on 3 yrs ago.  The piece suggests that as we’re staying at home more, as a result of the recession, we’re naturally paying more attention to the pets in the household.  I like that.  I’m not sure what the reason was for front page placement.  Was this a result of some great PR work?  I guess I am that naive.

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