Looking for a Holistic Vet

You may not realize, if you live in Southern Maine, how fortunate we are in the veterinary dept.  I thought I was in tune with that, but just now understand that I took our resources for granted.  I assumed that in coming to Boston, it would be easy to find established holistic veterinarians that I could probably even walk to from our centrally-located apt in the South End.  In fact I anticipated that choosing which vet would be the problem.  At the surprisingly impressive Integrative Health Pet Expo last fall in fact I asked questions about how to identify a really good vet (look for graduates of the Chi Institute).

Now that it’s time to get Zip into some play groups, I need to check his titers, so it’s time to choose a Boston area vet.  I checked the AHVMA database (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) to start my homework, and there’s only one holistic vet listed in the Boston area (West Roxbury).  Since it seems we’re already in for at least a 20 minute drive, I went with  MASH, the holistic vet hospital run by Dr. Margo Roman another 20 minutes away in Hopkinton.  Dr. Roman was the organizer of the Expo I mentioned above, and so I know her to be very committed  to alternative/integrative medicine.  She was the first female vet to take the International Veterinary Acupuncture course in 1975.  I like that she has that long a history with needles.

So, fellow Portlanders, say a silent (or audible, next opportunity) thank you for the holistic veterinary community we have.  In a population one 7th the size of Boston, we’ve got Dr. Ruth Dalto in Yarmouth and Dr. Kate Steinhacker, who does housecalls.  Not to mention Dr. Lynda Bond in Cape Elizabeth.  Various holistic or nutrition-minded vets have come & gone to other local clinics, and I’d love to be kept informed, so if you have a favorite, send me a note.

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