Good News for East End Dogs

I will never run for office.  I’m committee-averse.  Besides old friends from high school and college would be delighted to share stories of, well, don’t they call it ‘boundary exploration’ when they talk about kids?   But I’m growing in appreciation for small government that listens and makes good policy decisions.  Yesterday at a conference called “New England Evolution” hosted by Somerville Local First (Somerville MA’s buy local org), 34-yr old Mayor Curtatone of Somerville spoke fluidly and apparently honestly about his vision for Somerville, much of which overlaps with the interests of local small business.  It’s ‘enlightened self-interest’ and it makes sense.  And last Tuesday’s meeting of Health & Recreation in Portland’s City Hall was an occasion for humble surprise.  I was prepared to defend against further erosion of off-leash rights on the East End, but what happened, which couldn’t have been orchestrated, was a baton-pass among the four of us dog owners (each of us speaking independently about our concerns and suggestions for responsible shared use of the Prom) that culminated in rather than an erosion of rights, a small expansion.  Council listened and agreed on a common sense solution (making the off-leash hours for the park and the beach the same).  So, barring any problems arising at the May 17th hearing, dogs are allowed on the beach and the Prom, under voice control, until 9 am and after 5 pm Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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