Food of the Month, January…

Wellness has some strong products in its line of natural dog and cat foods.  My sense, from 4-footed customer ‘feedback’ is that the palatability is best in their canned foods, and their dry cat kibble.  They just seem to hit it square on in those areas, while the dry kibble for dogs has had just consistently OK reviews.  Some dogs love it, but enough have not been overly excited over the years (reported by our customers) that I would write this.  Again this is in terms of taste and/or texture, it’s not about effectiveness or quality of the ingredients.  But then again, who’d want to eat the same thing for too long, twice a day, if you aren’t getting some kind of yummy raw, canned, dehydrated or homemade top dressing?

Wellness Simple Food Solutions is a go-to food for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.  With one protein, and one carb, it’s a good start to an elimination diet.  The protein sources are novel proteins, which means that their profiles are unique compared to commonly-fed mainstays like beef or chicken (and because they haven’t commonly been fed to dogs, dogs haven’t had a chance to develop an allergy to them).  Keep in mind though that the carbohydrate is ground white rice, which is considered easier to digest than brown, though brown is more nutritious (I’m sure they make up for it in added vitamins and minerals); but whether brown or white, if your dog doesn’t tolerate rice or any kind of grain, you’ll want to wait for next month’s Food of the Month (we’ll choose one that’s grain-free next month to make sure you don’t miss out two in a row).

Wellness doesn’t make a Simple Food Solutions for cats, so we’re offering the Wellness Cat Food cans (original, as opposed to Evo, which we featured recently) as our cat food of the month.  In the spirit of hypo-allergenic foods, most of the Wellness cat cans are appropriate for cats with allergies (most of the cans are grain-free), urinary tract issues (especially topped with an acidifier like Wholistic Pet WholeCran IntenseWysong Biotic Ph Minus, or Solid Gold Berry Balance).  The moisture in the cans do make a difference in supporting the urinary tract (kidney disease is irreversible….and very common…the more water in their diets, the better). And cats love Wellness cans.  One of my two cats used to be prone to ‘sending his food back’….up, that is….and Wellness was one of the only food he could consistently keep down.  I’d top his food with Digest All Plus, a probiotic/enzyme powder from Wholistic Pet (I do recommend an enzyme/probiotic as a supplement to any processed pet foods).  Check our January Newsletter for a coupon for a discount on any of our enzyme/probiotic supplements.

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  1. My two cats love Wellness Canned cat food too. They like turkey can in the morning and chicken for dinner. Glad to hear wellness canned cat food are suitable for supporting urinary tract issues as well. Would love to hear next month’s food of the month, so bookmarked the site.Thank you very much,