Fireworks Anxiety

Bulldog contemplating fireworks

Every year I read up again on fireworks/thunderstorm phobias to see if I can find any new information.  Just this morning I came across this post on Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue that is really thorough without glazing your eyes over.  It’s not new (quotes some pretty old Whole Dog Journal issues), but it’s really well done.  It talks about phobias, behavior modification, plant extract remedies (things like passion flower & valerian), the natural hormone supplement for insomnia (melatonin), flower essences (which treat on an emotional/energetic level), music therapy, hug therapy, and drugs.  Thank you YGRR for making my job so easy today.

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  1. Alan Ferguson says:

    I was in Portland over the weekend and I was so impressed with your store. Lots of unusual stuff not found in our stores here in Columbus, OH. Got one of the climbing rope leashes and a Himalayan Yak Chew(loved it) for our 10 month old shepard/lab mix. Too bad I cannot buy online from you guys. Will stop in again when I get back up there. Keep up the standards you’ve set.