Animals in Disaster, WSPA Blog on Haiti

A while ago I posted a note on Facebook & Twitter about where to send donations to help the animals in Port au Prince, but just realized I didn’t blog it.  Devastation on this scale unites us, which is good.  I’m circumspect when it comes to how to respond however.  Not when it comes to genuine compassion, which I think is never misplaced.  But in terms of what to do to help.  Right after 9/11, I remember packing up whatever we had on the shelves at the store in the way of dog booties, eye wash, ear wash, salves and first aid for the search & rescue dogs, and shipping them off to a Red Cross headquartered near Ground Zero.  I meant well, but it turns out money was really what they needed.

What I’m seeing on the web about the impact of the quake on Haiti’s animals is much like the impact of the tsunami.  Maybe they got the energetic memo, the high-pitched warnings out of our range of hearing, the subtle rumblings that humans are insulated from.  But they will need food, and treatment once the infections and diseases start to manifest in the aftermath.  WSPA is handling the animal welfare crisis in Haiti, and you can donate to the fund, and read their blog, ‘Animals in Disaster’, here.

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