Wysong Mold Recall

I’m really sorry for the lateness of this, but I only just received notice from our Wysong distributor about a very limited recall.  While they say they’ve let retailers know, they didn’t contact us.  I will make sure that we’re on their contact list for all future email updates.

If you have any of the following Wysong products in the specific date ranges below, please return them to us for full credit toward whatever else you’d like.  And please email me personally if you do, as I’d like to stay in touch to be sure all is well.  Here’s the info:

To: Wysong Distributors and Retailers

This is to notify you that some batches of product made during a week in June, 2009 may contain mold.

It appears that the extremely high heat and humidity at that time raised the moisture level of the product during its transition from drier to package. Normally, moisture levels below 12-14% are not conducive to mold. Our tests during production were less than our target of 10%. But tests of suspect lots are around 12%.

Although we have not detected mycotoxins (we formulate with ingredients that inhibit mold growth and adsorb mycotoxins), anytime there is mold that possibility exists. No harm to animals has been reported, but we would still ask that the product not be sold.

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