Further Wysong Recalls

Wysong has a few more batch numbers (located on the top flap of the Wysong box, or on the bottom seal of a bag) on their recall list, as of today:

MaintenanceT (lot#090817)
SeniorT (lot#090811)
SynorgonT (lot#090629)

Wysong is currently taking any Wysong product back, no questions asked, in an effort to earn back any trust lost through the recalls, FYI.  We’ll definitely stand behind the returns, so no problem if you’re feeling uncomfortable and would like to return a batch that isn’t on the recall list.  Also, check out Wysong’s website directly if you’d like.

In case the recall is news to you, let me first clarify that this is not due to tainted ingredients from China.  Wysong had a problem with instruments that were supposed to accurately measure moisture content in the food.  According to my latest email from Wysong, “There is the potential for excessive mold growth where there is the combination of natural foods and moisture above about 13%, and/or water activity (aw) above about 0.7. In portions of the recalled batches these targets must not have been achieved. As far as we can tell this was due to faulty instrumentation, which has been addressed.”

Further, “The danger with mold is not the mold itself, but rather the mycotoxins emitted by the mold. Mycotoxins can be harmful if they rise above a certain ppm, and are consumed for an extended time. Internal and external tests thus far of recalled product have been negative for mycotoxins. We do not believe the recalled products to be of any imminent danger to animals at this time.”

It’s true that Wysong has not had a recall in 25 yrs.  In terms of integrity and going the extra 10 miles, Wysong is really pretty irreproachable.  Let me  know if you feel otherwise.


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