April Stool’s Day

17 years ago, intrepid citizen dog owner and Friends of the Eastern Promenade founder Diane Davison started tacking up flyers asking for neighbors on the Eastern Prom to come out in force to clean up the winter of unscooped dog poop.  I was so moved by the mission and charmed by the sense of humor of it that I asked Diane if we could work together on it, even open my little dog and cat store called Fetch on April Stool’s Day and make a big event out of it.

That was April 1, 2000. Since then, every spring, we organize and rally….Diane works her mojo with the city and with Parks & Rec to coordinate details, I work with vendors to acquire donations for prizes, and we both make the ‘Golden Turds’ (like the Golden Wrapper in Willy Wonka, you win a prize when you find one) and hide them in the scooping area early hours before the event.  You can see photos from the 2001 event here. Even though the reward is truly an even more beautiful place to walk and run our dogs, prizes are fun too…this year (don’t quote me yet) it looks like Fetch will be giving away a big bag of dog food.  This year we’re also spreading out to include:  Eastern Prom, East End Beach, East End Trail, Munjoy Hil, West End, and Hinckley Park in South Portland.  I’m really glad we connected Crystal Goodrich from SoPoDog this year…thanks Crystal for your great energy and organizing help!

This year’s event is Saturday, April 4th, from 8-10 am.  We need volunteers of all kinds…you can be a neighborhood captain, you can help us put up posters, you can spread the word, and you can participate the day of the event by helping to clean up.  We’d love to have you.  Please contact either Diane (Diane’s email or 774-2822) or me (my email or 773-5450).

About Kathy Palmer

Loves: animals, her dog Zip, the rocky Maine coast, creative independent small business, good healthy food, spending time getting outside with pals, films set in France.