A foggy April Stool’s Day

The weather was on our side today, or at least it wasn’t on the other side.  Our merry band of scoopers spread out over the Eastern Prom and hauled away 8 big bags of trash and poop, accompanied by the sound of fog horns and geese (‘harsh and exciting’ I couldn’t help thinking…it is National Poetry Month afterall).  East End Beach captain Linda Tyler said her group was having a great time, and I could tell she meant it.  You just have to embrace the scooping or it feels like a chore.  Jessica Esch, Ping’s mom (Ping is the cute black terrier mix in our photo gallery) who scooped the whole two hours on the Prom, said she noticed that people have a strong reaction against picking up some other dog’s poop, but picking up their own dog’s poop is ok.  Hmmm.  It’s still poop no matter who did the pooping.  Other observations:  Marlboro seemed to be the brand of choice for East End smokers (though I think I noticed a trend toward Camel), beer bottles (esp Colt 45), and not a lot of these but with such a strong gross-out factor that it bears mentioning, the used condom.  Oy.  The one thing everyone noticed:  there’s a lot more human trash than dog poop out there.  Pictures and updates from the other pickup sites coming soon.

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