Something to be happy about in September

Many people say that September is their favorite month here, but few are anxious for the long cold months that follow, which is reasonable considering our winter usually starts in November and lasts until May. But dog owners on the coast can find something to be very happy about. The beaches will become open to dogs again as each beach’s calendar switches over to the off-season. The first beaches in the greater Portland area to make the seasonal switch are East End Beach in Portland, and Old Orchard Beach in Old Orchard…beginning the day after Labor Day, you can bring your dog out for a dip and a sandy stroll anytime during the day at either beach, off-leash as long as you’ve got voice control. More beaches become available on the 15th and 30th, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed.

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Loves: animals, her dog Zip, the rocky Maine coast, creative independent small business, good healthy food, spending time getting outside with pals, films set in France.