Toys can be totally for fun, but they can also be purposeful items in your tool chest.  Every pet owner needs reliably engaging, durable toys to keep their pets entertained, stimulated, and focused.  Think about it; your dog or cat needs to play to relieve stress & lead a happy life, but also to expend energy, to socialize (especially dogs), and to interact in a structured way with their humans.  (See the playfully serious part?).

The number one request in our stores is, ‘Show me your most indestructible dog toy’.  Well, when it comes to squeaky toys, we’ll tell you that eventually your dog will win any battle with a soft-sided toy. But we do have toys that will put up a good long fight.  Less ambitious chewers can ‘chewse’ from soft toys that squeak, squawk, grunt, gurgle, crow, howl, moo or ribbit.  Have a fetcher?  Try one of our many floatables in summer, or light up toys in winter.    Need to keep pups busy while you make dinner, or step out for work?  Try our food-dispensing toys and puzzles.

Whenever possible, we choose local and US toys for quality, uniqueness, durability and safety.